SPANISH CHILDCARE & SCHOOL, the only one in ITHACA, New York

SPANISH CHILDCARE & SCHOOL, the only one in ITHACA, New York, 15 minutes walk to Cornell campus

We are native Spanish teachers...and other Latin languages....Your child will learn exactly the way Spanish native speaking children do...


100 HOMESTEAD RD. (AND CORNELL ST.) NEXT DOOR TO BELLE SHERMAN elementary SCHOOL PLAYGROUND and little river and little forest by the school. Google it!

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skype: juliolopezarias

Phone: 6072164310 no texting

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$10 per hour

Because you love your child you want to immerse him/her in Spanish in our facility (pictures of our extremely large playroom are available... we also have a inmense patio and driveway and we can just jump into the school playground next door any time. Enroll your child now to learn Spanish and be cared for before is too late to assure their professional future. For  much less money thay after school programs....etc... your child will be learning Spanish, an indispensable skill (a bilingual person is with two persons, spanish saying) because they will work and live in a English/Spanish bilingual city in  their future, so they will compete in the job market... they will also be better citizens and as we say in Spanish, if you know 2 languages your life is doobly intensive. The brain of your child is able to absorb information effortlessly by immersion when young. After the age of 12 learning Spanish is much more  difficult and frustrating . We teach Spanish in a playful environment and therefore the Spanish much more enjoyable. Immersion!!!! Small group settings and on individual basis. We also teach English as a Second Language to children and adults. Tutoring for students from the Middle School and High School. Adults who would like to improve their Spanish. language camps during the summer where children are immersed into Spanish. Through arts and crafts, music and outdoor activities children will pick up Spanish in a very playful setting.

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